Dr. Ken Ravizza 

Dr. Ken Ravizza was one of the top sport psychology consultants in the world. His educational approach to performance excellence helped athletes, coaches, musicians, heart surgeons and performers at all levels achieve success through the use of mental skills training. Ken was a leading authority on stress management skills and coping strategies, as well as mental skills training for peak performance. He worked with some of the best athletes and coaches in the world.

The Legacy Library Of Sport Psych Legend…

Ken Ravizza’s
Mental Training Room

Dr. Ken Ravizza devoted his life to studying, researching, and teaching mental performance skills to athletes, coaches, and other aspiring sport psychologists around the world. At the time of his death, he was working on compiling essential resources which he utilized throughout his 40+ year career.

This digital library contains:

  • More Than 9 Hours of Video Footage
  • 100+ Minutes of Audio Recordings
  • Over 75 of Ken's Favorite Worksheets, Handouts, and Articles
  • Mental Training Syllabus To Help Enhance Your Learning Experience

Whether you're an aspiring or experienced sport psych consultant, or a coach interested in increasing your athletes' performance, the resources inside the Mental Training Room will help you and the athletes you are working with, advance to the next level.

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100% of net proceeds go towards the Ken Ravizza Scholarship in Performance Enhancement and Sport Psychology at Cal State University, Fullerton.

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Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Control the controllables.

Be present, not perfect.

More Ravizza'isms
  • “I worked with Ken for 30 years and learned a ton from him. He made me a better teacher of the mental game and helped me help players become better at being what I call ‘present-moment guys”

    -Joe Maddon

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