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Bringing The Mental Game of Baseball from the Classroom to The Field
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If your players are struggling to transfer their performance from practices to games, this is the mental training program for you.

This is a major disconnect that many players face at all levels throughout their careers.

The mental game is what produces consistent performance, but you must understand how to apply the key concepts to play your best on game day.

I'm sure you've read books about the mental game, and even had some classroom sessions to introduce new ideas to your team... This is all great and is much needed with today's athletes. 

The piece that's often missed is what these concepts actually look like in competition.

This is why Dr. Ken Ravizza has created this exclusive video training series for you to use with your team.

Ken has worked with collegiate and professional baseball players and teams for the past 40+ years... (including the 2016 MLB World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!)

You'll be exposed to tangible ways that you can implement the mental game on the field, where it matters most.

Bringing The Mental Game of Baseball from The Classroom to The Field includes instant access to exclusive videos on all aspects of the game: Hitting, Pitching, and Defense, as well as a Coaches Session and Team Q&A... (2.5 hours of training organized into 6 videos!)

(This hands-on training featuring the same tools, terminology, and strategies is the same Ken uses with the collegiate and professional players he works with!)

Rather than investing thousands of $$$ in bringing a mental coach to talk to your players, you can provide your players with this comprehensive training for a one-time investment of just $97 $77 (includes lifetime access).

After completing the checkout below, you'll receive a login that you can share with each of your players and coaches (to watch anytime, anywhere)...

Get Instant Access to Ken's Mental Game Training

"I've worked with Ken for 30 years and have learned a ton from him. He's made me a better teacher of the mental game and helped me help players become better at being what I call 'present-moment guys'.

-Joe Maddon

Inside this video series, you'll learn:

⚾️ How to identify when your at-bat begins

⚾️ What to focus on at the plate

⚾️ The 1 thing that leads to more consistent performance

⚾️ How to maximize your batting practice and bullpen sessions

⚾️ The importance of giving energy to your teammates

⚾️ Why you should be using the breath inside of your routine

⚾️ The biggest fault many players have with their mental approach

⚾️ How to deal with nerves in the batter's box (plus a few thoughts on "slumps")

⚾️ and much more...

Videos include:

⚾️ Video #1: Hitting

⚾️ Video #2: Pitching

⚾️ Video #3: Defense

⚾️ Video #4: Coaches Session

⚾️ Video #5: Players Q&A

⚾️ Bonus: Mental Game Props & Symbols

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If you're ready to take your game to the next level, this is your opportunity to give you and your team the best chance for success on the field.

If your talent and abilities isn't showing up in games, you need this mental game system that is used by the best players in all of baseball.

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Get Instant Access to Ken's Mental Game Training