The Legacy Library of Sport Psych Legend...

Ken Ravizza's Mental Training Room

Dr. Ken Ravizza devoted his life to studying, researching, and teaching mental performance skills to athletes, coaches, and other aspiring sport psychologists around the world. At the time of his death, he was working on compiling essential resources which he utilized throughout his 40+ year career.

This digital library contains:

  • More Than 9 Hours of Video Footage
  • 100+ Minutes of Audio Recordings
  • Over 75 of Ken's Favorite Worksheets, Handouts, and Articles
  • Mental Training Syllabus To Help Enhance Your Learning Experience

Whether you're an aspiring or experienced sport psych consultant, or a coach interested in increasing your athletes' performance, the resources inside the Mental Training Room will help you and the athletes you are working with, advance to the next level.

If your players are struggling to transfer their performance from practices to games, be sure to start with the 5 On-Field Training Videos.

The mental game contributes to consistent performance, and athletes must understand how to apply the key concepts to play their best on game day.

I'm sure you've read books about the mental game, and even had some classroom sessions to introduce new ideas to your team... This is all great and is much needed with today's athletes.

The piece that is often missing is what these concepts actually look like in competition.

This is the same training material Ken used with collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes, coaches, and teams for the past 40+ years... (including the 2016 MLB World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!)

It was his intent to make available several memorable interviews with such individuals as Augie Garrido, Dave Snow, and John Savage free of charge to anyone accessing this website. Those interviews, as well as a few additional resources, will be posted here as they are released.

100% of net proceeds from Ken’s Mental Training Room go towards the Ken Ravizza Scholarship in Performance Enhancement and Sport Psychology at Cal State University, Fullerton.

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We would like to thank Ken’s graduate students who were instrumental in the development of Ken’s Mental Training Room: Jen Schumacher, Chelsea Butters Wooding, Angie Fifer, Travis Tillman, Neale Smith, Eric Bean, & Doug Chadwick

"I worked with Ken for 30 years and learned a ton from him. He made me a better teacher of the mental game and helped me help players become better at being what I call 'present-moment guys'."

-Joe Maddon
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