Welcome to Ken's Mental Training Room!

This library contains resources created and utilized by Dr. Ken Ravizza in his work with elite athletes, coaches, and sport psychology professionals over the course of his 40+ year career.

We firmly believe that all of these resources will be of value and beneficial to you regardless of whether you are an athlete, coach, student of Sport Psychology, or a practitioner. However, we also understand that there is a lot of information to digest. Therefore, we have created this outline to help guide you to resources specifically intended for certain people first, with the hopes that you will then go back and review the other resources and information as well to gain as much wisdom as possible from the one and only Ken.

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Below are links to access the library of training videos, audios, articles, and worksheets...

Here is one of Ken’s favorite interviews on the mental game of baseball:

We would like to thank Ken’s graduate students who were instrumental in the development of Ken’s Mental Training Room: Jen Schumacher, Chelsea Butters Wooding, Angie Fifer, Travis Tillman, Neale Smith, Eric Bean, & Doug Chadwick