3 Tips for More Consistent Performance

On-Field Baseball Training Videos






Here is one of Ken’s favorite interviews on the mental game of baseball:

Sport Psych Consulting Videos

Disclaimer: Below is a 5+ hour lecture recorded at JFK University without any edits; the technical quality is variable.

Sport Psych Presentation at JFK (Part 1)

Sport Psych Presentation at JFK (Part 2)

Sport Psych Presentation at JFK (Part 3)

Sport Psych Presentation at JFK (Part 4)

"Confidence is Fragile." -Ken Ravizza

Classic Videos

Routines with Long Beach State Baseball

Mental Skills for Competitive Athletes

A Glimpse of Ken as University Professor

The video is unedited and technical quality is variable; however in this final stress management class at CSUF he summarizes his 40 year teaching career.

The Final Interviews

These interviews conducted by Angie Fifer and Carmen Tebbe-Priebe represent Ken’s final contribution to the field of Sport Psychology on July 2, 2018.

Heads Up Baseball 2.0 Book Launch Interview

Transitioning to College Athletics Interview