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Thanks for your interest in working with Ken Ravizza to develop your mental skills. Mental skills are like any other skill. For some it instantly feels natural, but for most of us they take time and effort to develop and receiving support and guidance through the process makes a big difference.

Ken is available to work with:

  • Head Coaches
  • Head Coach + Coaching Staff
  • Entire Team (Head Coach + Coaches + Players)
  • Individual Players
  • Sport Psych Consultants and Students

Please see the descriptions below to get a better understanding of what each form of consulting with Ken looks like...

Head Coaches

Ken will work one on one with the head coach to help you develop a stronger understanding of the mental game and how to build these skills with your players. Ken will work with the Coach to:

  • Set clear goals regarding mental skill development
  • Help you teach your players what it means to COMPETE
  • Help you teach your players what it means to be on a team
  • Develop the Coach’s ability to communicate these ideas
  • Improve coaching effectiveness
  • Support the Coach in teaching your coaching staff how to integrate mental skills into the work they do with players
  • Support the Coach in collaborating and communicating with your coaching staff
  • More effectively coach teams with limited talent, how to get the most from what you have
  • Provide the Coach with a sounding board on your presentation of the mental game, what it means to compete, and team cohesion as well as other issues that arise.

Head Coach + Coaching Staff

Similar to “Head Coaches” above, but working directly with the entire coaching staff. This is a great way to introduce the entire coaching staff to the concept of mental skill development and work to build a cohesive culture of mental skills development. When the entire coaching staff is using the same language, cues, and reinforcement, the players really start to “get it”.

Entire Team

Working with the entire team means providing the head coach and coaching staff the support outlined above while also doing presentations with the players as well. These presentations help introduce players to key components of the mental game and help the coaching staff reinforce the learning, while being supported through that process. Team presentations focus on:

  • Understanding why the mental game is important (Know It)
  • Developing these mental skills (Do It)
  • Supporting players in creating a system that works for them (Own It)
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Developing awareness of oneself
  • Use of routines and preparation pre/during/post game
  • Learning importance of segmentation; taking it one thing at a time


As a player, working one on one with Ken is like having a private mental skills tutor. Ken will work with the individual player to develop the skills listed above in “Entire Team” with increased emphasis on responsibility and accountability. Working one on one means players have to hold themselves accountable for putting what they are learning into action. Ken will provide them with tools and techniques for doing this and allow them to OWN the process.

Sport Psych Consultant

Sport Psych students or sport psych consultants who are early in their career can receive mentorship from Ken. Ken taught for 42 years at Cal State Fullerton where he had over one hundred graduate students earning Master degrees in Sport Psychology and has mentored many aspiring sport psych consultants. Ken will share his 40+ years of wisdom regarding building a sport psych consultation practice. This mentorship focuses on:

  • Academic coursework – helping the sport psych student navigate college coursework to maximize their education
  • Experience – how to gain experience doing sport psych consultation
  • Preparation – what is needed to be prepared to do the work? Develop a routine that is part of your consultation process(routines aren’t only for players!)
  • Best Practices – what works? What doesn’t? Tips, tricks, and ideas for gaining buy in from those you work with.
  • Gaining Entry – how do you get “in”
  • Know your sport – what are the key components to understanding unique and different sports?

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